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Smart systems for smart roads. 

Despite the spread of coronavirus, which causes casualties, quarantined cities and regions, and that caused many difficulties in the functioning of companies and organizing events, fairs, and conferences around the world, life has to go on. Our region continues its development, which is visible from the realization of large infrastructure projects, such as modern highways and freeways. While Serbia and North Macedonia have just connected with the most advanced highway in this part of Europe, Montenegro, but also Bosnia and Herzegovina are building rapidly. Roads and how to manage them properly are the main topic of this edition of a&s Adria. 

Fast urbanization and the increasing number of vehicles lead to frequent traffic jams. In order to improve conditions on roads, traffic engineers are using advanced systems for traffic management (ATMS), which can continually monitor conditions on roads. One study showed that in 2018. drivers in cities with frequent traffic jams spent 272 hours in traffic jams. Longer traffic jams contributed to slower reactions to emergency situations (like traffic accidents) and pollution. Improved traffic flow, reduction in traffic jams and steady source of financing of road maintenance are some of the reasons why many countries are beginning to implement smart road tolls, which are becoming more efficient and smarter. 

The advanced systems haven’t just reduced the need for physical installations on roads, but they made data a valuable resource. Gathered data is used to make the cashless road tolling more efficient, and the detailed data analysis made smart road systems much smarter and valuable. Video analytics and license plate recognition technology, artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning are just some of the modern trends that will make roads much more safer. 

Intelligent solutions for traffic control

The rapid urbanization made traffic jams a large issue in the World. To fight this issue, transport agencies rely on the advanced traffic management systems and their advanced versions (ATMS), which are a part of the intelligent systems (ITS).

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