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Bettini Srl is an Italian company that manufactures video recording systems branded GAMS and that provides 360° solutions for video security.

Our company was established in 1996 by professionals in the field of security, with a significant experience in the CCTV segment. Thanks to enthusiasm, expertise and investments in Research&Development, we could fast become an important reference point in the ever-changing security industry. Today we celebrate 25 years of activity still being a growing dynamic organization.
Our mission is to support business partners as System Integrators, CMS owner and Video Surveillance Operators by offering them quality products and complete security solutions, but also consulting and design services to help them grab the potential of new technologies.

Bettini manufactures video recorders branded “GAMS”. GAMS is proudly Made In Italy.
Gams in the years has become a prestigious brand name and synonym of reliability. GAMS represents the result of constant research and a fully proprietary know-how of excellence.
Gams product are studied, designed, developed and manufactured by our team in our headquarter of Saronno (near Milan). According to a precise and coherent strategic vision, we chose to anchor our activities in Italy, against market trends, to assure quality and a marked product singularity.

Every GAMS product is completely tested and checked through a “burn-in process” and through a climate-testing chamber.

GAMS branded product range includes two outstanding devices: the NVR model QUADRO and DETECTA, an intelligent video analysis unit with on-board video recording capability.

QUADRO is an embedded NVR high-performances. Maximum versatility, with 2 models from 8 to 64 streams. 8-stream model can be expanded up to 32 modules or from 32-stream to 64 by (P version) adding licenses (step of 8 streams), without the need of hardware implementations with up to 560Mbps recording bandwidth without resolution and frame rates limits.

Supports standard Onvif S/T cameras, available models provide from 2TB up to 24TB storage capacity it’s also available RAID 1 (Mirroring). Includes embedded fanless solution with low dissipation RISC technology and very low electrical consumption (Green Power). Superior performance, advanced features, robustness and ease of use have always characterized GAMS products.
DETECTA is a fully equipped all in one device, the recording device is powered by last generation Video Analytics. DETECTA IP/A is available in 2 different models IP version and Analog version. The IP version supports up to 4 streams from any network camera Onvif S/T compliant with resolution up to 4K. The Analog version support 2 video inputs from cameras AHD/TVI/CVI/PAL or 2 IP channels. Both are equipped with on board recording capabilities with 256GB SSD of storage. The Detecta analytics embedded provide 6 Rules to be used for security purposes.
-Presence Detection
-Exit/Enter ROI
-Sequential Detection
-Advanced Cross Line

The local I/O and the 3 video outputs (PAL/VGA/HDMi) available, make DETECTA an ideal security video equipment for every application.

QUADRO and DETECTA are integrated with the GAMS platform:complete compatibility with H3R (Management Software), GMAX/GNotify (Client Mobile) SGDiag (Diagnostic Management Software) and SGSetup (Remote Setting Tool).

For more info, contact:
Via E. H. Grieg, 23
21047 Saronno – VA ITALY
Phone : +39 (02) 89651000


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