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How Much Does a Security System Actually Cost?

When buying a security system, decisions often come down to the price tag of cameras, storage, and installation, yet taking this approach can leave the end user with major challenges ahead. Surveillance systems last anywhere from five to 20+ years, so condensing all cost considerations down to
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AEM testers just got even better

Are you fed up with using testers that don’t meet your expectations, or had to carry multiple testers to find a fault? Finally available through EGAL, d.o.o., Ljubljana in Central and South-Eastern Europe, AEM is a company that not only values customer feedback but also strives to offer the best products available. AEM’s award-winning CV-100 […]
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More Sustainable and Efficient Energy Storage Systems

With the company’s strategic adjustment and business upgrade, Uniview has gradually transformed into a global AIoT product and solution provider, exploring new growth opportunities. Energy storage is one of the most important directions. By: Tsing Tang, CEO, East Europe, Zhejiang Uniview Technologies; E-mail: tangsiqing@uniview.com Battery energy storage systems are
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Feature Story: We visited the European headquarters of ZKTeco

Initially conceived as an international company, ZKTeco started out modestly, with only its products being sold abroad, without services and customization for customers. But then, at the global level, something happened that, contrary to expectations, opened new opportunities for many companies – the global economic crisis. In 2008, many security companies decided to
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Helping installers stay competitive using remote monitoring

The world has been rapidly changing for traditional security installation companies and there’s a danger of them being left behind if they don’t adapt. There’s pressure to offer much more diverse solutions; the fact that products and technology are always developing; and a desire to monitor and work remotely – all things they need to […]
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Mobotix: Il Caravaggio International Airport Causes Video Surveillance To Take Off

Security at airports has become indispensable and entails continuously increasing requirements. The only way to keep satisfy the most demanding standards day after day, is to constantly further develop the technology in use. Video surveillance is a crucial contribution to airport security; this technology has a great deal of potential, as long as the current […]