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Making the change from historic building to state-of-the-art medical centre, with SMARTair™ wireless access control

London, June 2016 – Fast, cost-efficient installation and flexible operation convinced architects that SMARTair™ wireless access control was the right choice for securing a new health centre in Stourbridge, England.

Facilities at the new Lion Health Centre include 30 consulting rooms, an enhanced nursing suite, minor operations theatre, physio gym and rehabilitation area, a small lecture theatre and an onsite pharmacy. Abacus Chartered Architects — who led the project to convert a historic Victorian foundry to this 21st-century medical facility — selected the SMARTair™ access control system. SMARTair™ works as a stand-alone system, and is already adopted in small and medium-sized healthcare premises across Europe.

At these protected heritage premises, attractive SMARTair™ components work unobtrusively in both the sensitively converted historic building and its new, modern extension. “SMARTair™ complements the contemporary style of the modern build and is competitively priced,” says Graham Sunderland at Abacus Chartered Architects.

Now staff, contractors and authorized visitors at Lion Health open doors using keyless, contactless technology based on RFID smartcards pre-programmed with personalized access permissions. Using the straightforward, secure SMARTair™ Web Manager tool, facility staff can monitor footfall around the health centre, with the reassurance that private offices and other sensitive areas are protected by SMARTair™ access control.

Because SMARTair™ locking devices are wireless and battery-powered, there’s no complicated, expensive and intrusive electrical cabling required during installation. SMARTair™ is ideal for retrofitting an existing building; SMARTair™ installers simply replace any standard door’s mechanical lock with a SMARTair™ device, and connect it to the SMARTair™ software, to upgrade a “regular” door to an intelligent door integrated with the building’s SMARTair™ access control system. There’s no major upheaval or disruption to a site’s day-to-day running.

For day-to-day system administration, the SMARTair™ Web Manager tool works in any standard internet browser, with https:// protocol communication and SSL password encryption.

“There was no need to install complicated software,” adds Graham Sunderland, “making for an efficient installation process, and allowing the project to progress quickly.”

Adding, amending or deleting a user is easy. With the SMARTair™ Web Manager tool, a simple click cancels a smartcard’s access rights — a much quicker and cheaper process than replacing a mechanical lock. As a result, security is not compromised if someone at Lion Health loses their credential.

About Lion Health: The Lion Health Centre provides GP and other medical services for 26,000 patients across the Stourbridge area, in England’s West Midlands. For more information, see

About Abacus Chartered Architects: See

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