Suprema Biostar 2 enhanced with automated failover

Suprema has successfully integrated its Biostar 2 security platform with Mantech Continuous Cluster Server(MCCS), a high availability(HA) solution provided by Korean IT service provider Mantech.

Biostar 2 is a comprehensive access control management platform that manages mission-critical security data. Through integration with MCCS, Biostar 2 is able to enhance system stability and expand service continuity. This also ensures greater cost-efficiency, productivity, and availability for Biostar 2 customers by minimizing unnecessary waste of resources to manage failure, such as manpower, applications, and extra storage.

MCCS, the failover system of Biostar 2, uses automated failover and real-time replication to help prevent server downtime, data loss, and system failure. It can detect the failure of servers, storage, networks, application services, and operating systems. When failure occurs, it automatically switches to a backup system and replicates data in real-time so the company can protect mission-critical data 24/7 with no downtime.

“Integrating with MCCS has enabled Biostar 2 to provide an even safer and more secure platform service than ever for our enterprise customers,” said Suprema CEO Hanchul Kim, “Suprema will continuously make efforts to enhance Biostar 2 capabilities, meeting the needs of all our customers, from small offices to the largest organisations.”

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