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Visionect is inviting you to join the meetup and learn more about security on IoT devices.

In the first part Gašper Korinšek will present the approaches Visionect used for tackling security issues on Joan’s room booking devices from the firmware perspective and in the second part Luka Mustafa will talk about LWM2M protocol for IoT devices.

The first presentation will cover an Explanation of the system and an overview of device interfaces that pose a security risk and solutions for tackling each security challenge.

We’ll shed a light on questions such as:

  • What are the measures to prevent extraction and/or injection of firmware?
  • How do we secure firmware upgrades and communication with the server on the protocol and connectivity level?
  • What are AES, TLS, and WPA Enterprise, and how are they used in practice on an embedded system?

In the second presentation, the LWM2M protocol for IoT devices is explained more thoroughly. Lightweight M2M is an open protocol from the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) that is designed for addressing the needs of mobile low-power devices with very little computing power. We will explore the basics of the LWM2M protocol and look at integration examples between a device running Zephyr RTOS and AVSystem backend, looking into the custom objects and features in place.

Topic: Security on IoT devices and LWM2M

Time: Wednesday, April 12 · 6:00 PM CEST


  • Luka Gašpar, Lead Device Firmware and Hardware Engineer, Visionect
  • Luka Mustafa, Founder and CEO of IRNAS

Venue: Računalniški muzej, Celovška cesta 111, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Registration link:…291768969/

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