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WEBINAR: 2023 – Trends in Access Control

Digital transformation in access control continues to advance. With the help of new technologies, access control evolved into an inevitable part of providing organizations with additional benefits beyond security.

According to last-year a&s Group survey, several technologies stand out. Mature and suitable for use are multimodal biometrics, mobile access control, and multifactor authentication, while the same cannot be said for cloud access control, and partly for unimodal biometrics.

Interestingly, the market continued to adapt to the trends brought about by the pandemic. For example, contactless solutions have become the norm in the last two years. Even as the pandemic subsides, the market shows no interest in reverting to fingerprints and other legacy technologies.

Concerning the trends and innovations, a&s Adria will organize a webinar in partnership with HID, Suprema, ABLOY, and Špica Group. The webinar’s focus is to discuss the above-mentioned technologies and solutions.

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