Avigilon Alta helps enhance operations at Superdry

Superdry upgraded store security and operations by adopting Avigilon Alta video solutions, resulting in wider coverage and lower costs.

Superdry prioritized minimizing risks like theft and accidents related to high foot traffic at stores. To address this, they replaced their inefficient video security system, sought to unify security operations, and aimed to streamline fulfillment and retail processes, including recording after-hours deliveries and enhancing procedural training.

Proactive video security and smart video analytics

Superdry implemented Avigilon Alta for improved store security, reduced theft, and threat detection. The sharp image quality of Avigilon Ava cameras has enhanced situational awareness for their security team.

 Avigilon Alta provides video search, audio detection, and heat-mapping, improving the security team’s ability to prosecute thieves. The alert function enhances store operations by recording deliveries and helping employees track fulfillment goals.

Safer stores

Avigilon Alta made Superdry stores safer for customers and employees, streamlining fulfillment processes with advanced video analytics.

“Avigilon Alta has exceeded our expectations, and we’re very happy. The image quality is fantastic, and Avigilon support has been great when we have questions.” confirmed Richard Smith, Profit Protection Manager at Superdry.

Superdry aims to be the top sustainable style destination as it grows, prioritizing safety and security for its people, property, and customers.

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