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BIROSAFE Bulletproof Doors in Security Entrance Systems

BIROSAFE Strumica is an engineering company which manufactures, sells and installs security, fireproof and bank equipment (security and fireproof safes, cabinets, doors, and vaults) according to the European standards.

It is a company that offers security and makes the clients feel safe by using the high-quality materials in the manufacturing process and adhering to the ISO quality standards in creating new security products.

Over the past few years, they have been active in the market of products which ensure bulletproof protection.

The BIROSAFE bulletproof doors and walls can be made according to various measurements and include options with or without glass.

These products come with bulletproof protection in line with the established standards:

EN 1522 FB 4 NS
EN 1522 FB 4+ NS
EN 1522 FB 6 NS,

This is confirmed by the European certificates issued by the ECB-S Germany.

These BIROSAFE bulletproof doors and walls can also be installed as part of the Security Entrance Systems (SAS) which are designed for controlling entrances and exits in secure areas.

The Security Entrance Systems (SAS) SAS Birocabin model is intended for the access control involving two or more doors that are opened simultaneously.

With it, the entry to and from the areas that need to be secured can be restricted or controlled.

Opening of the doors is handled with the help of the Interlocking system (one door is opened – the second one is closed).

Interlocking doors allow only a single person to make entry or exit, thus preventing unauthorized persons or intruders to enter premises. The users enter through the first door which gets locked behind them before the second door opens, thus allowing access to the secure zone.

The system has an Emergency Exit option which can be automatically turned on with the help of the Fire Proof Control Panel in the case of fire or panic (it can also be controlled by a guard or by using the Control Center). In this situation, everyone can make an exit from inside to outside, but unauthorized persons can’t enter indoor spaces from the outside.

The booth is also equipped with Total STOP button for door blocking.

All booths are equipped with their own installations, internal and external light signalization, buttons or readers for entrance and exit (opening of the booth doors can be also controlled by a guard or from the control room).

The doors are equipped with electromagnetic locks (that can stand the force of 1000 – 3000 kg) as well as with locks used for additional mechanical locking.

There are options to install additional equipment such as intercom system, biometric readers (fingerprint, face recognition opening) etc.

In case of the interruption of the electrical power supply, the system has own power supply.

There is a presence sensor inside the booth.

All booths can be made with different measurements and colors, so they can perfectly align with the design of the surroundings that client chooses.

These products are recommended for the security companies that are involved in the cash-in-transit business, banks, government institutions, exchange offices etc.

Apart from these new bulletproof products, the company also offers the following security equipment: safes, cabinets, deposit safes, weapon safes, cash transfer safes, vault and vault doors, security doors, bulletproof doors and walls as well as fire proof equipment such as safes, cabinets, doors etc.

All of their products are usually made according to the standard measurements, but there is also an option to customize them based on the client’s demands.

In case of a problem with the equipment, BIROSAFE has its own service team, which is trained for taking care of defects and resolving any kind of problem related to the operation of products, regardless of whether the warranty has expired or not.

BIROSAFE has offices and dealerships in all the Balkan countries and is present in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, and Bulgaria.

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