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Broadening the INTEOX open camera portfolio with new fixed cameras

FLEXIDOME and DINION inteox 7100i IR camera additions enable more flexibility when building customized predictive solutions

Broadening the INTEOX open camera portfolio with new fixed cameras, the FLEXIDOME and DINION inteox 7100i IR join the MIC and AUTODOME inteox cameras in supporting predictive solutions with Intelligent Video Analytics, machine learning, and deep neural network-based video analytics. With 4K resolution, built-in infrared illumination, and durable housing, the new fixed INTEOX cameras consistently perform in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications for retail, airports, and traffic. The FLEXIDOME and DINION inteox 7100i IR cameras connect securely to the Bosch Remote Portal, a cloud-based service offering device management with daily or advanced configuration and set up and continuous health monitoring from anywhere.

The FLEXIDOME and DINION inteox 7100i IR cameras follow the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA) open architecture specifications for video security devices, ensuring seamless connectivity with the Security & Safety Things (S&ST) Application Store to easily add third-party software apps to INTEOX cameras that meet customer-specific requirements.

The right levels of performance for a variety of applications

The FLEXIDOME and DINION inteox 7100i IR cameras bring the right levels of resolution, light sensitivity, dynamic range, and frame rate simultaneously to meet varying customer requirements around the clock. Designed for indoor and outdoor applications when light levels vary, the cameras offer 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, and 30 frames per second to produce detailed images for applications such as reliable people counting, perimeter protection, and general city surveillance. Built-in infrared illumination up to 40 meters (131 feet) enables detailed image capture even in complete darkness. The cameras are weatherproof with an IP66 rating and vandal-resistant with an IK10 rating.

Supporting predictive solutions

The FLEXIDOME and DINION inteox 7100i IR cameras support predictive solutions, thanks to built-in Intelligent Video Analytics, a form of AI that uses metadata to add sense and structure to video footage, enabling the cameras to understand what they are seeing. The metadata enables operators to quickly analyze the scene and retrieve the right footage from hours of stored video instantly, which allows them to take appropriate action faster and more efficiently.

The INTEOX open camera platform takes video analytics to a whole new level with the ability to customer-specific applications. With Camera Trainer, a machine learning software embedded in all INTEOX cameras, system integrators can tailor Intelligent Video Analytics to detect objects and situations that matter most to their customers

The INTEOX OC models now feature Traffic Detector software based on deep learning and are capable of mastering these challenging tasks.

Object classification models for traffic applications

FLEXIDOME and DINION inteox 7100i IR object classification (OC) models feature the latest Traffic Detector software, which is founded on deep neural network-based video analytics. Designed primarily to support traffic applications such as intersection monitoring, automatic incident detection, and facilitating data-driven decision-making, these OC models can help distinguish and classify automobiles and people in congested scenes with precise detail enabling system integrators to meet the strict requirements of traffic applications.

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