Latest Xprotect upgrade offers enhanced cyber security protection

The latest update of Milestone Xprotect video management software (VMS), 2020 R3, has been engineered to take security to a new level by offering highly secure encryption from Microsoft.

Protecting sensitive data in surveillance systems is key to maintaining video authenticity, personal privacy, and adequate cyber security measures. Xprotect 2020 R3 includes a new level of encryption from Microsoft called Cryptography New Generation (CNG) that provides adherence to the highest level of cyber security and data protection on the market today. Xprotect’s new encryption modules include stronger data protection, increased cyber security, evidence authenticity and password-protected configuration. Embedding this encryption, also means that Xprotect can now be configured to operate in a FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 140-2 compliant mode. FIPS is a U.S. government computer security standard utilised in all software solutions deployed in U.S. federal agencies and regulated industries such as healthcare and finance.

Improved search facility

Security operators are the eyes and ears of their organisation. When an incident occurs, they are expected to provide video evidence immediately. This can sometimes be a challenging task, especially for installations with thousands of cameras recording 24/7. Xprotect 2020 R3 offers a new multi-category Search function that makes finding the specific video evidence easier and faster. Multi-category Search allows the operator to combine and search across multiple Search categories such as people, vehicles, and location as well as any Search agents developed and integrated into Xprotect by third-party technology partners. As an example, operators can narrow their investigation to only contain video sequences that include blue vehicles AND male persons and exclude those that only meet one of them.

Xprotect 2020 R3 also offers expanded support for any 360-degree camera that delivers a complete round fish-eye view. According to Milestone, most customers will experience significant installation and camera cost reductions and increased situational awareness when deploying these camera types compared to standard surveillance cameras.

The 2020 R3 release contains many more new and improved features and capabilities such as improved video rendering performance in the Xprotect Smart Client, adaptive streaming for Xprotect Mobile and direct streaming improvements in Xprotect Web Client. On the cameras and devices side, Xprotect 2020 R3 includes improvements such as increased security without compromising ease-of-use, more freedom to build installations that suit customers’ needs and new device packs.

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