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Marketplace in Center of MIPS

Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) is Milestone Systems’ partner event flagship, bringing together partners from the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions to collaborate, network and learn from the global tendencies within the video management software industry. With more than 1,500 participants globally, MIPS is a unique opportunity to pool insights, share knowledge and meet Milestone Systems’ community of technology partners.

a&s Adria has been invited to participate as a Milestone media partner to report about the event and most important innovations for this year. The buzz was all about Milestone Marketplace, recently developed digital platform for the video technology industry that connects buyers and sellers to co-create innovative solutions. We have used the chance to talk with Malou Mousten Dyhr Toft, VP of EMEA.

a&s Adria: Where did the idea for Marketplace came from?

Malou Mousten: The idea of Marketplace have grown out of the realization, that Milestone Systems need to pivot towards becoming a platform orchestrator. And the idea has grown through a close dialogue with the partner community. The development has been true to embedded Milestone values, which include an open community- based approach and an agile development model: “In the concept phase we conducted 4.400 minutes of interviews involving more than 60 different technology partners and integrators to make sure we understood the prerequisites for success. And the development of the platform itself happened in sprints with minimum 5 partners invited to test the results of each sprint”, tells Malou Toft. Shortly after introduction 122 solutions are available on Marketplace from more than 70 different partners.

a&s Adria: What is the most important difference between Marketplace and traditional consulting between producers and users?

Malou Mousten: Marketplace can scale, because it is driven by the partners. They are the driving force by building the content. So with Marketplace, Milestone taps into their knowledge and their innovative ideas. End users will play an important role too through their comments and recommendations. In traditional consulting you will also define a scope at the outset. On Marketplace, you can immediately start to explore solutions, even if you have not fully understood your need. You can filter through use cases, verticals, number of cameras, etc.

a&s Adria: To be exact, how does one of the Milestone Technology Partners can be involved in innovating new products via Marketplace?

Malou Mousten: You need to be part of the Milestone Technology Partner Program (TPP) to get solutions on Marketplace. Further to that, you need to prove, that a solution works with our XProtect software. We know that trust and reliability are vital in the video surveillance industry. That is why Marketplace only includes applications, hardware and services that have been either verified or certified by Milestone and proven to work with XProtect. Having a verified application, hardware or service means that your content page is endorsed by Milestone. It ensures that your application, hardware or service is interoperable and optimized for XProtect® video management software (VMS), and involves a rigorous testing and verification process by both yourself and Milestone. Having a certified application, hardware or service means that it has been tested and evaluated for Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS) integration in two areas: functionality and performance. The Milestone Solution Certification team leads and manages the Certification process for Milestone.

a&s Adria: Why do you include only Technology Partners and not the others, and what types of products do you plan to work together on?

Malou Mousten: If you look at the technologies represented on Marketplace, you have artificial intelligence, augmented reality, cameras and drones, displays and machines; GIS and GPS, NVR, DVR and encoders; Sensors and RFID; Storage, servers and network; video analytics.

Milestone Systems has a long tradition of working closely with our partner community on advancing the technology, For a number of years, we have had a Partner Advisory Board, where long-term Milestone partners are invited to give input to and influence our product direction and work together with the Milestone product management team to define our product roadmap. Further to that we have announced the driver framework alongside our SDK to allow partners to add their innovations to the XProtect software.

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