Najave II Transport / Traffic Video Surveillance

Securing beauty without ruining the view

With the seasonal inflow of a large amount of visitors, and revenue, popular resort cities need to make sure everyone has a great holiday, without being touched by crime. Balatonfüred, Hungary’s second most popular resort has over 1.5 million visitors (in 2016) flocking to its lake – the biggest in the country. The local police station looked to reseller WBS Systemhouse to provide a holistic surveillance solution for the city, and this was achieved by using Hikvision equipment.

The whole area of the city needed to be covered, from the city centre to the border of the city covering the roads leading into the city and main traffic junctions, such as train and bus stations, locations preferred by tourists, walkways, entrances of beaches and bigger traffic junctions of the city. The city’s administration specifically needed to reduce the incidents of pickpocketing, shoplifting, car theft and breaking and entering.
Cameras needed to be positioned for maximum coverage, but they also needed to be placed sympathetically, to minimise any impact on the views and the beauty of the city – the reason for visitors to be there!
A particular challenge was the city’s railway station. Cameras were needed in the station lobby to ensure safety of passengers. However, the lobby was under renovation at the time, which complicated the installation. The cameras had to be fixed in a cavity covered with a suspended ceiling in a way that the casing was not affected.
The police department also needed to have a way to monitor vehicles to add to the security of the city and the safety of both residents and visitors.

WBS Systemhouse used 40 cameras around the city in strategic locations to offer maximum coverage. They chose PTZ Dome cameras (DS-2DE4220IW-DE) for their small, compact size, optimal resolution and zoom range. This meant it could provide the best pictures and range, while being unobtrusive to not spoil the beauty of the city.
The complicated installation in the station building was solved using a bracket (DS-1662ZJ) with a custom adjustment. The customer’s request was to ensure the camera’s mounting mechanism and the cabling was as ‘invisible’ as possible. This bespoke installation and the ability of the camera to deliver long range PoE power, resolved this issue to the delight of the customer.
The cameras are connected by a “closed-loop” wireless or optical fiber connection to the recording and Hikvision’s HikCentral video management platform installed in the server room of Balatonfüred Police Station. Camera images are recorded by 2 NVRs and a DVR, and the functions of the video management system are provided by iVMS 5200 (now called HikCentral) installed on a separate server. The WBS ANPR System installed on a separate server is also responsible for processing license plate data to check when vehicles entered and left the city, but also to have alarms on any ‘blacklisted’ vehicles that are picked up.
The feeds are monitored 24h at the police station in Balatonfüred, who are able to react quickly if necessary. The users find the system easy to use and flexible, thanks to the HikCentral and the fact that the cameras can easily be moved remotely.
László Regdon, Chief of Police in Balatonfüred, says: ““The area surveillance system has greatly contributed to the success of several traffic actions and criminal investigations by the police. Based on the system – which provides needle-sharp images – we have obtained useful information to provide evidence for various violations. Since the introduction of the camera system, the number of crimes has been reduced and the quality of events has been improved. The cameras in Balatonfüred fit into the atmosphere and environment of our small city, they do not create dissonance at all.”
This is a great example of how surveillance products can combine together to give an efficient, holistic system to cover a whole city. And, due to the choice of cameras, the quality of picture and the dedication of the installers, the solution quietly monitors the city and the people enjoying it without ruining the impact of the environment that attracts so many to it.

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