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Three in one. Partizan applications merge.

Partizan Security team brings to the market a revolutionary mobile application for working with video systems.

Partizan is internationally known as a manufacturer of innovative video surveillance devices for security systems. Partizan offers both professional equipment such as 4K high-resolution cameras and DVRs with SMART features, as well as ready-made kits for “household needs” in the format of Wi-Fi Kits or Cloud Robot “baby cameras.”

Such devices are becoming increasingly popular among the population as they require minimal installation time and the most basic knowledge. It is enough to connect a couple of cables, run the mobile application on the smartphone, and follow the instructions on the screen. Leave the rest to the application!

Besides, Partizan develops its own software and provides its customers with the secure Partizan Cloud service. Previously, there were three main applications for all client devices to work continuously and smoothly in this ecosystem – Partizan Device Manager, Partizan Wi-Fi KIT, and Partizan Cloud Storage.

But since 2019, the Partizan Security team decided to create and develop a single application – for all devices, for users of the iOS and Android mobile platforms, and, in the future, with support for the Partizan Cloud service. Like “three in one.” This solution is absolutely logical and convenient for users. The name of the new application has not been aired for a long time, but here it is – Partizan. Brief and clear.

Mr. Fixit
Partizan experts surprised the market again. They created a revolutionary mobile application for working with video systems. With a magnificent, intuitive interface, with a stylish dark theme, with a minimum of buttons, a convenient menu and the most useful functionality.

Partizan application can handle any task – from viewing a home camera in the cloud to monitoring a professional video surveillance system. When launching the application, the user can immediately proceed to the device addition stage. The program provides four modes for adding devices – “Network Search”, “Scan QR code”, “Wireless Connect”, and Manual Mode.

By searching the network, you can find the network identifier of the video device in the form of a MAC address. It is the MAC address of the device that is used to connect to Partizan Cloud. Using the cloud, in this case, is necessary to simplify the settings. As a result, according to the test results, the connection to the MAC address is almost instant. With a stable connection to the Internet, the average speed of starting a video stream from four cameras is only 1.5 seconds. Fast? For sure!

Scanning a QR code is even easier! Having scanned the QR code, the user enters the manual mode, but all the fields will already be filled in automatically. There is definitely something magical about it.

Of particular note is Wireless Connect. This is Partizan’s proprietary technology for setting up and connecting wireless cameras. The wizard will request a password from a Wi-Fi network in a step-by-step mode, as well as visually show and tell you how to set up a new camera for operation in semi-automatic mode. What’s interesting is that the wizard downloads the latest firmware during camera setup and helps protect it with a password. Customer safety is above all!

Working with video
Have you ever worked on a smartphone in a multi-window interface? Then you might have noticed that it is far from convenient, especially on a small screen. Partizan programmers have found an amazingly elegant solution – the user in the application can work with all video devices without leaving the main viewing screen. In ordinary applications, it takes a lot of time to reconnect to different cameras. Here, to switch to another device, it is enough to swipe left or right in the video area. One swipe to the left – and you have switched to another recorder or camera.

Another “highlight” is that in the viewing mode, all the controls are “at fingertips”. You can take a photo, record a video, control the PTZ rotary mechanism of the camera, adjust the volume, enable two-way communication, pause, fast-forward the archive, switch to HD mode, change the scale and return to live video.

Another unique feature is the transition to archive mode. In Partizan application, this can be done with just one move. Scroll the timeline to the right – and instantly move from viewing a live video to the archive. Scroll to the opposite direction – and watch a live video. If you had experience with other applications, you will appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of such a solution! Navigating through the archive is also very simple. At the same time, the scale is solid and so flexible that it is a pleasure to use it.

To put in a nutshell
So, in the Partizan application, the owner of the mobile device uses only two windows: list of devices and working with video. Fewer windows make the application simpler and easier to work with. Detailed hints and wizards for adding devices will not let you make a mistake even if you are a beginner. Also, access to a secure corporate cloud eliminates long and tedious fuss in the settings of the router, providing fast and high-quality service. And there’s more! Soon, the Partizan application will support the full range of brand equipment, as well as receive integration with the Partizan Cloud service.

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