Top surveillance industry players expand their lead

Genetec, Motorola Solutions and Milestone Systems continued to grow their combined global share of the market for video surveillance software and service agreements in 2021, according to a new report from Novaira Insights. The research shows that this global market was worth $2.4 billion in 2021 with around 68% of this outside China. The, so-called, “big 3” grew their combined share of the market for video surveillance software and managed services to over 35% in the world excluding China.

The supply base for video surveillance software outside China remains very different to that of the Chinese domestic market. China continues to be mainly served by large domestic vendors. In contrast, the world excluding China is served, not only by the big 3, but also by a multitude of other suppliers, each with a small market share of less than 3%.

Novaira Insights’ latest report, “The world market for video surveillance hardware and software”, shows that, outside China, the market for video surveillance software and managed services grew quickly at 10.1% in 2021, as restrictions on movement due to the Covid-19 pandemic eased and pent-up demand for video surveillance equipment was served.

According to Jon Cropley, principal analyst at Novaira Insights, “An important factor in the big 3 continuing to grow market share in future will be their strategies for cloud. We are forecasting that the market for cloud video management software will grow much faster than the market for on-site video management software licenses. So far, each of the big 3 has adopted a different approach to cloud so it will be interesting to see how these approaches evolve going forward”.

The pandemic appears to have catalysed interest in cloud video surveillance. 53% of respondents in a Novaira Insights 2022 survey of North American end-users indicated that the pandemic had either started, accelerated, or greatly accelerated their organisation’s cloud strategy specifically related to video surveillance. Furthermore, 68.3% of respondents thought their organisation will move to managing or storing more of its video surveillance data in the cloud in the next two years.

According to lead analyst and founder of Novaira Insights, Josh Woodhouse, “The medium-term future for many video surveillance installations will be largely a hybrid approach in which software is hosted off-premise in the cloud but a primary tier of video storage is on-premise. Cloud storage will likely be increasingly used but this will be often in conjunction with on-premise storage tiers.”

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