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UltraVision: PSIM Implementation in the Utilities Sector

UltraVision’s client operates within the essential utility industry with a workforce of 2,000 employees and 1,000 independent contractors. Their twenty locations necessitate a 24-hour shift cycle. Due to their elaborate structure, critical service delivery, and vast resources, they encounter difficulties in system management, security, and operational effectiveness. This all-in-one solution would ensure that only one person oversees operations and that it automates access in unattended areas by removing the need for human presence and integrating multiple technologies, all while keeping operational efficiency for different levels of access.

Technical ride

UltraVision’s technical team designed the system architecture and based on its experience managing large-scale projects and commitment to quality and trust, it chose strategic partners including AppVision PSIM, Axis Communications, FFGroup, HID, and MCA Grup. Using open protocols such as ASCII, SIP, ONVIF, and ModBusIP, the technical team developed a solution that is flexible enough to accommodate the client’s evolving needs and new technologies.

UltraVision has implemented aluminum automatic gates for access control, with manual operation for unanticipated visitors, and video and IP voice connections were utilized for access verification. With technologies like automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), an IP video intercom system with full-duplex communication and pre-recorded messages, LED lighting, a badge along with a QR code credential and a controller for automation, the solution aimed to decrease employee dependability and boost productivity. Our team additionally created custom software exclusive to contractors and long-term visitors that automates workflow management and facilitates the handling of registrations, requests, and approvals, as well as the distribution of temporary credentials. To improve accountability the system created a single set of data for both human and vehicle access events, and to ensure continuous operation it was equipped with a secondary power source as well.

KPI: 2x efficiency, half the cost

The investment in this system has proven to be valuable, as it has achieved self-sustainability within the first year. The customer gained substantial benefits from the project’s successful implementation, which not only enhanced operational performance metrics, but also reduced carbon emissions. Reduced dependence on round-the-clock security personnel was also a key achievement, and despite the worldwide pandemic, the system maintained an access policy that provided secure and efficient operations.

Integrated PSIM solutions revolutionize business operations by providing solid security measures and financial and operational benefits. UltraVision encourages businesses to consider electronic security and safety systems as strategic investments rather than merely precautionary efforts. By investing in its solutions, you can ensure a more secure future and shift your focus away from potential security threats towards expansion and strategic goals.

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