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Uniview EasyStar IPC Series

Most crimes happen at night because of the ultra-low light environment that provides favorable circumstances for criminals. The key information about vehicles, such as plate number, color, and brand of a vehicle may be useful for police or other people in need. Yet, there are some key differences here.

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Images captured by regular network cameras (without IR light) in standard operating mode are usually too dark to offer useful information. Furthermore, regular cameras in IR mode use infrared light to improve image quality at night and in low light. However, users still cannot get information about object colors. Finally, there are EasyStar cameras that deliver colorful & bright images with complete information.

EasyStar Series

In 2019, Uniview launched a brand-new EasyStar camera series. The EasyStar series belongs to the Easy series which targets the entry-level surveillance market with excellent starlight-level imaging performance at an attractive price. They are capable of presenting high-definition and colorful starlight-level images.

In 2021 Unview launched a new series Colorhunter in EasyStar which can achieve better image quality at night with built-in white lights. There is also a smart dual-light mode which makes this new Easy Colorhunter series even more powerful.

In 2023 Univew launched two new models in the Easy Colorhunter series. With the F1.0 aperture and 1/1.8″ sensor hardware design, they are the most powerful cameras in the EasyStar series. In addition, the ultra-long night IR distance that goes up to 50 meters (bullet models only) can offer the smoothest user experience. Besides, the 4MP models support UMD(Ultra motion detection) which can reduce false alarm rates.

The Entry-Level Choice for Low-Light Scenarios

The EasyStar cameras are a great choice if you look for entry-level products with great night vision.

To meet the market demand, EasyStar cameras are packed with a variety of features. Backside-illuminated CMOS sensor makes EasyStar series cameras more sensitive to light. These cameras offer excellent performance in low-light environments. Colorful images are available at the minimum illumination of 0.0005 Lux.

EasyStar camera supports ultra-motion detection based on the detection of different objects which can easily help end users to filter false alarms. Easy Colorhunter series gives users more choices as a smart dual light mode can effectively reduce light pollution at night.


The Univew EasyStar cameras are positioned as the entry ­level product series for the SMB market. They are also suitable for many scenarios such as crossroads, squares, stadiums, parking lots, etc.

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