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iEMS 2.0: The Next Generation of Facility and Logistics Control Systems

In today’s fast-paced logistics and facility management sectors, the need for a robust, efficient, and secure system to manage entries, exits, and operational activities is more critical than ever. Enter iEMS 2.0, a state-of-the-art system designed to seamlessly integrate advanced security measures with logistical operations and business analytics. This comprehensive ecosystem is set to transform how large logistics companies and facility operators manage their operations, offering an unparalleled level of control and reporting.

Identification and Tracking with ID Mediums

IEMS 2.0’s innovative use of ID media, including vehicle license plates, personal IDs or passports combined with document scanners, RFID tags, MIFARE cards, and long-range UHF RFID or BLE tags, ensures accurate identification of individuals and vehicles within a facility. This technology is vital for the precise logging and tracking of all assets entering or exiting, providing an added layer of security and operational efficiency.

The Core of the Solution

Access Points (APs) are the core elements of IEMS 2.0’s physical infrastructure. Each AP functions as a self-contained unit, managing specific hardware components such as gates, barriers, cameras, traffic lights, automatic vehicle scales or whole control systems in relation to access rights of detected ID medium. These units work independently to control critical entry/exit or process checkpoints.

Event Recording and Analysis

Every action and interaction within IEMS 2.0, such as license plate scans or hardware manipulation, is accurately recorded as events. These events are linked to sessions that belong to certain ID medium, creating a comprehensive activity log and multimedia library for each asset within the facility.

Session Management

Sessions in IEMS 2.0 act as a digital trail for each asset, tracking movements and activities from entry to exit. Sessions are crucial for maintaining a detailed activity log, combining all related events and linking them to corresponding reservations that link ID medium with asset metadata. The system uses automated SMS messages and variable message signs to notify assets with instructions or relevant data, ensuring timely communication and enhanced operational coordination.


The IEMS 2.0 system features an online reservation portal, enabling clients to conveniently book appointments and efficiently manage desired operations. Reservation functionality provides pre-set authorizations for asset access into the facility. Reservations are categorized into various types with a unique set of characteristics like different timespan or access permissions. The ability to schedule reservations aids clients in organizing all arrivals, thereby optimizing the coordination of their logistics.

Data Repositories

IEMS 2.0 holds essential info on entities like vehicles, persons, companies, ID media and permissions in data structures. They serve as a central data repository for validation and reference, ensuring data accuracy across the system. Dynamic and updatable, they can be maintained from the iEMS 2.0 system and even synchronized from existing 3rd party systems.

The Business Context of Asset Presence

Work orders, purchase orders, sales orders. These all contain critical information that defines tasks that the asset (anything or anyone with an ID medium) has to fulfill during its visit to the premises. iEMS 2.0 enables creating work orders or syncing them from the client’s ERP system. When work orders are linked with reservations, they define the purpose of an asset’s visit, bridging security and business aspects. This integration enables the automatic generation of essential documents and reports, such as weighing reports or radioactivity measurement reports, providing a complete insight into each visit. Work orders thus serve as a key element in understanding and documenting the business context of every entry or exit within the facility.


iEMS 2.0 revolutionizes facility and logistics management by offering applications from logistics coordination to facility management and reporting. This system is an essential tool for modern operations, providing a holistic overview and precise control. It is an especially important tool in industries, where asset management and tracking are crucial, ex. in logistics, production plants, parking management facilities, airports and ports. Embrace the future with iEMS 2.0, your key to streamlined, secure, and efficient facility management.

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