A More Convenient Life with Uniview Video Intercoms

Are you still searching for an efficient and convenient video intercom for your villa? Are you still looking for an easy-to-use and smart system that will improve your living and working experience? In any setting – apartment, villa, or office building – you will find a great solution from Uniview’s range of high-performance intercom products.

Uniview can provide plenty of video intercom device types including indoor station, villa door station, screen door station, touch screen station and smart phone app.

For villa door station, there are plastic front panel model and metal front panel model, and the card capacity can reach up to 10,000. BTW, the villa door station has a physical button, a built-in card reader and two door lock interfaces, one for people entrance and another one for vehicle entrance. It also supports IP65 so it can be installed outdoor. For our screen door stations, they support not only intercom function but also face recognition to open the door.

For indoor station, there are different models with different installation method, it has 7-inch touch screen and supports standard PoE. To meet the market demand, Uniview video intercom products bear the following highlights:

Support high quality intercom

The one button villa door station has 2MP HD camera which supports WDR, night-vision and big angle of FOV. It is able to provide high-quality video intercom experience.

Multiple door opening method

Uniview screen door station can support more door opening methods than normal door station, such as face, password and QR code. To protect personal information security, the face function can be turned off in the special firmware version.

Working with smart phone app

When someone press the button on the door station, the indoor station will show an incoming call, and you can choose to refuse the call, open the door or answer the call. Uniview also provides APP UNV-Link to receive calls from outdoor station. Users can do the same thing on smart phone as an indoor station. Of course, if an user answer the call on indoor station or APP, the incoming call on the other indoor stations or APPs will stop.

Various installation methods

Uniview video intercom support various installation methods. The villa door stations support connecting to Wi-Fi, so it only requires a power cable during installation. OET-542B support not only wall mount installation, but also desktop installation with a bracket in product package. The one button villa door station supports both surface mounting and flush mounting. One model supports two different mounting methods. You can choose the suitable installation method flexibly based on different customer needs and installation conditions.

On device configuration without laptop

After connecting door stations and indoor stations to the local area network (LAN), installer can finish system setup on the HMI(human machine interface) of indoor station rather than a laptop. After setting one of the indoor stations as the main station, installers can configure other indoor stations and door stations through this main indoor station, including device password, voice, and time. So that the installer doesn’t need to carry a laptop during installation anymore. It’s much more convenient for installer.


1 button villa door station and indoor station are brand new products and has been released. The villa door station with 2/4 button and apartment door station are under development and will be launched later in the near future.

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