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Birosafe: Fire proof doors

DPTU “BIROSAFE” DOOEL Strumica is an engineering company founded in 2001. The company is present in the business of manufacturing, sales and mounting of security, fireproof and bank equipment (security and fireproof safes, cabinets, doors, and vaults, etc.).

The company has offices and dealers in all the Balkan countries and is present on the markets of former Yugoslav republics territories (Serbia, Monte Negro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia), Albania, Bulgaria…

BIROSAFE produces and offers different types of security equipment: safes, cabinets, deposit safes, weapon safes, cash transfer safes, vault and vault doors, security doors etc.; as well as fireproof equipment: safes, cabinets, doors etc. Usually the products are made by standard dimensions, but there is also a possibility for tailoring the products according to client demand.

This time we will present our fireproof doors, which can be made like fireproof metal doors in variants under EN 1634-1 EI 30, EI60, EI90, EI120 or EI180 minutes fire protection.

These fireproof doors represent a good compromise of functionality and good design, and can be built into industrial objects (halls, offices…), public objects (schools, gyms…), as well as representative objects (hotels, banks…).
They are made from steel, protected from corrosion, and aesthetically painted.
On the inside, they are filled with special fireproof layers, depending on the class.
They own seals which are active in normal exploitation as well as expanding fireproof seals which are activated in the case of a fire.

Except the fireproof metal doors, Birosafe produces fireproof glass doors in variants T30 minutes, 60, 90, and 120 minutes fire protection.

Fireproof doors in which most surface of the wing consists out of fire-resistant glass.
Made from special fire profiles, they have minimal deformation in case of fire. They have a great rigidity to withstand the weight of the massive fire glass and specially fire charge.
They close perfectly in normal operation and have additional expansive fire seals.
The doors have aesthetic quality and can fit into any setting. Usually they are intended for installation in representative objects.

Birosafe fireproof metal doors can be made also in variant Security fireproof doors according EN 1627, which are fireproof and burglar resistant at same time.
These doors offer much higher burglar resistance.
They feature an adequate door leaf thickness and little rebate space, which makes jimmying more difficult.
Previous experience shows that for the thieves it is much harder to break in object equipped with doors like these. Burglars want to be quick – if a door shows resistance, many will abandon the attempt.
These doors are manufactured according to requirements and norms and compared with the uncertified security doors, it requires great skills and longer time in order to break and open the door.
Birosafe is the only manufacturer in North Macedonia who possesses EUROPEAN CERTIFICATE FOR SECURITY of doors, according to the standard EN 1627, issued by ECB-S Germany.
The Security doors manufactured according to EN 1627 are available in the resistance classes (RC) 1 to 6. The resistance classes 1 to 3 relate to the usual occasional criminals, while the classes 4 to 6 consider the techniques used by experienced, high skilled burglars.

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