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Can Your Fire System Do This?

Fire detection and alarm systems are increasingly complex and sophisticated, benefiting from cutting-edge digital technology. As a fire alarm engineer working with these systems, it can be hard to keep on top of your electrical skills and the latest regulations/installation standards, let alone the many different features available. Vladimir Zrnic, Regional Sales Manager
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Choosing the Go-to Fire System for Smaller Businesses

Businesses in Europe need to ensure they comply with fire alarm regulations. But for smaller businesses which don’t require multi-panel systems and sophisticated programming, what are the options? Vladimir Zrnic, European Sales Manager at Advanced, explains. An appropriate fire protection system is essential for any business to ensure that occupants are kept safe in the
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Choosing the Right Networked Fire System

Today there are greater demands on fire systems than ever before. Many fire panels are powerful computers, working with intelligent detectors to report on changing conditions across the fire system, alerting people to emergencies by voice, light, and/or sound. They also control the release of suppressants, operate smoke control systems, link to graphical control systems,
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Why smarter protection matters in fire safety

Protecting lives, assets and business continuity has long been the foundation of fire safety. This goal is unchanged, yet the advent of smart buildings and the increasing role of IoT-enabled fire-safety solutions means that the method of achieving this goal has certainly changed. From detection and evacuation to extinguishing and danger management, the potential afforded
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Siemens’ new natural extinguishing agents protect business continuity in critical areas

Siemens Smart Infrastructure introduces its new natural agent extinguishing portfolio, Sinorix NXN. Focusing on the protection of lives, assets and business continuity, the new fire extinguishing portfolio combines simplicity with advanced technology to modernize traditional fire safety. The agents consist of the natural gases argon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. They are
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Don’t Rely on a Wake-up Call: Hotels Have No Room to Compromise on Fire Protection

Hotels can be complicated sites to protect. Busy kitchens, extensive electrical installations plus regular repair and maintenance work all increase the likelihood of fire incidents. Add to these the presence of an ever-changing population of residents who may smoke, be careless around call points and detectors, or have varying mobility, and the picture becomes increasingly